5 Fun Facts about Princess Kellie

A lot of sexy guys have been wanting to get to know me, so I figured 5 fun facts about Princess Kellie would get you started on knowing a little bit about me and my world. I hope you enjoy getting a sneak peek into my sexy world!


5 Things About Princess Kellie

5. I am SO into food! – I am petite, but I am one of those people who can eat anything, and it does not matter! I love GOOD food, and experimenting with new foods. This can come in pretty handy if you are looking to get creative with food for eating your own cum or sploshing fun

4. I love both music and dancing. – I was a ballerina in my younger days, and I was exposed to many different types of music and musicals. Music is in my heart and soul and I love hearing new styles. Some music is great for timing your masturbation! We should try that.

3. I am finishing classes and will be a Vet Tech in 2016! I do in home boarding for pets. –  When families or couples go on vacation, I get to live for that week or two in their homes, and most of all get to enjoy the amenities like hot tubs, pools, jetted tubs, and gourmet kitchens! It is dreamy! The best part is I can often share this with you when we call. We can indulge together in total privacy!

2. I love shopping, especially for panties and shoes! – I have such a fetish for sexy shoes and delicious panties. This love of shopping makes me a great person to talk about transforming sissies and sissy sluts. And it is fun for SPOILING me!

1. I have ravenous sexual appetites! – But right now I am pretty single, but do date. I like sex with both men and women, but I lean much more toward cock! I love Femdom, especially cock control, cuckolding, cum eating, sissification, spanking, sph and I am learning more and more tricks! I have a very sexy soft spot for older men, and me being 22 leaves a lot of room for older! What they can teach me, and when I can wrap them around my pinkie finger, oh it is electric!

So there you have 5 fun facts about Princess Kellie! Maybe you know we now share something in common. Tell me!