Get ready to make some cum gravy with Kellie!

For as long as I can remember, it has been a fantasy of mine to watch a guy eat up his own cum! *Giggle*

How to Make your own Cum Gravy

I think all you guys know HOW to actually cum, but what I want to show you today is how to make that cum delicious, because this is all about eating your own cum for Princess Kellie! Most spunk is salty and bitter, so I will give you a holiday recipe to sweeten it up. Check out Ms. Layla’s Cum Blog for the recipe.

Eating the Yummy Cum

Hopefully you did not skip the sweetening step in this holiday blog. Believe me it is yum-worthy! So now that you have had your cum sweetening smoothie for a week or so, it is time to go ahead and get ready to eat your cum. I know you might be scared and even a little squicked out, but I want you to eat it, and Princess gets what she wants! Plus I KNOW you are curious about cum eating ! Remember that.

Getting the Cum in your Mouth

There are LOTS of ways to eat cum:

  1. Put it on food like my FAVE cum eater does!
  2. Self-suck your cock
  3. Shoot into a glass and drink it down. For the holidays, add it to a cup of egg nog. YUM!
  4. Use a tube!

Wait! Use a tube? What do you mean Princess Kellie?

LOL. This time of year we are ALL wrapping presents so I am SURE you have a wrapping paper tube free or use a paper towel tube if you are pretty flexible! Get into cum eating position with legs over your head. Now get ready to make that gravy! Jack off however you LOVE. Then spurt the spooge into the tube, and let it drain into your mouth. Make your cum eating fantasy a reality this holiday season.