Princess Kellie Has Many Teasing Talents

While teasing and denying you, I know just what you want most of all.  You crave a nice, intense, long orgasm. But while that certainly turns me on, do not make the mistake of thinking that is all I am about. Oh no, I would often rather say no to you than hear you grunt through a little orgasm. Aching for Princess is much nicer.

Princess Kellie Will Feminize you

I know you would love to go through my panty drawer, but wouldn’t it be much more fun if we tried on panties together? No, you cannot wear mine, but I do keep a special drawer with all kinds of sexy lingerie for my sissies! I just love to play dress up with naughty panty sluts like you. We can get all girlie together.

Princess Kellie has Sexual Requirements

Do not even think that you have what it takes to satisfy me sexually if you happen to have a tiny penis. It is so bogus!  I like about 8 inches of hard, throbbing goodness to satisfy me, and I have quite the list of guys with just what I need. Oh, do not worry, I will let you be a part of it! In fact, you can be my cuckold! You would love to be on your knees, fluffing my stud before he takes me, wouldn’t you? If you do a really good job getting him nice and hard, I might even let you lick his warm cream up when we are done!

How do you think you can serve Princess Kellie?