Dress up for me!

Cross dressers NEED Panties to Wear

I love men who wear panties. I think of it as the first step to gender bending! It’s something really nice for me to see. I especially like sheer and sexy ones, or ones with naughty sayings on the butt. Something cute on a guy is really hot for me. I think I like it because it makes a guy seem more vulnerable. Have I bought a guy panties? Yes. Pink ones with a purple set of bows and a keyhole back. Hot sex followed! Try a pair of panties.

Cross dressers Must have Sexy Tops

Even though I do not always NEED a bra, I sure do love it when my bra and panties match. I wear a lot of black so coordinating that is easy. I do love greens, burgundy, and other colors from time to time. My tops include camis and any kind of lingerie top. I just think matching is sexy. So if you are a cross dresser shopping for panties, grab a hot top to match!

Cross dressers And Thigh Highs are HOT

There is something luxurious about stockings on cross dressers! My favorites are black (of course) lace top, stay up thigh highs. I get them all over so I never have a favorite place to shop. Fishnets add that naughty bit of wow. So you need to at least try a pair of thigh highs. You will feel so smooth!

So, if Princess Kellie gets a chance to dress you all up, expect ot be in matching panties and top with sexy thigh highs to complete your look. We will both be naughty and turned on!