Princess Kellie LOVES the Excitement of Spanking

I have to admit that as a naughty, creative, Princess with a mind hungry for more and more, I have a real enthusiasm for the excitement spankings bring. I have spanked a lot of bottoms, and there are some general things that just keep me thinking of giving a spanking.

Naughty Spanking Thrills

Over My Knee for Spanking Excitement!

  1. Positions – I first love the positions for spankings! Being over my knee is just maxed out on yumminess! I mean that. Bare bottomed and over my knee. So hot. Spanking benches, over the arm of a couch, anything to get that butt up and ready for my hand or toys, and I have lots of those!
    2. Vulnerability – I know in the positions for spankings you may feel a complete loss of control. You may get into subspace quickly! Positioning can change everything in a scene! You are naked and exposed, and you can not see what is coming. Your cheeks blush even before I redden your ass! So sexy!
    3. The SOUND! – The sound of that first “CRACK” of a hand or toy oh YUM! Spanking simply gets Princess hot, wet, and excited. I love getting into a rhythm, often with some low volume background music. I get into such a wild headspace as I spank away!
    The other sound I LOVE are your whimpers and moans. I know it can hurt, but it also is such a turn on. That’s why you get hard. And that cock does rub against my thighs making you moan and squeal!

What do you like best about Spankings?

I often wonder what gets a submissive hottest about getting a spanking! Why is spanking a turn-on for you?Maybe for some you need discipline and it is a punishment spanking. Maybe spanking gets you harder and hornier than ever. Or maybe it is the exchange of power or the sensual humiliation that you feel most.
So tell Princess what your favorite parts of a spanking are!