Enchanting Vampires Will Steal Your Sexual Soul

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A Succubus in Princess Clothing

Yes, keep stroking that hard, horny cock for me.  You have fallen into a masturbation trance, controlled by me.  When you asked me out and I so happily agreed, you had no idea what you were getting yourself into.  Oh, you knew I was a bit of a cockteasing Princess, but you had no clue of the demon that lurked within.  A Succubus!  A Sexual Vampire!  Cockteasing just isn’t enough for me, to fill the hunger within me.  No, I need all of your sexual energy.  And I know just how to get it.

Nothing Will Defeat Me

You tried everything.  Garlic, blessed water, silver.  Nothing works.  Do you know why?  It is because you were horny and desperate to be with me.  To do anything and everything to please your Princess.  Once you gave your cock that first stroke in honor of me, you willingly gave me your sexual soul – and all your sexual energy.  Nothing you do after that will break the spell, the grip I have on your puny little mind.

Stroke For Me

Stroke that cock for me.  I can already see how red your head is, how swollen your balls are getting.  I know you desperately want release, but not yet.  I want you to edge.  Edge over and over, hold it for me, a bit longer each time.  Your sexual need only makes me more powerful…but ultimately it’s the release of orgasm that will ensure my survival.  I just want to build it up, and keep building it, until I can tell that when I allow you to cum, it will empty you completely and finally.  I will play with you, toy with you, until every last bit of your life essence drips out of your cock, and you are a dried out shell.

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