Come on…let me tease that cock!

Princess Kellie Has A Blog Again

Whew! After those Tumblr shenanigans, I came right back to where my blog started, and you know what? There are so many cocks to be teased! You are all so willing to give up control of your cocks to a Princess like me. It makes me feel so special, knowing that you want to stroke for me, and that you will never, ever cum without my permission. It is such a rush!

How Will I Tease You

Well, a cocktease never gives away all of her secrets, but don’t let my sweet face fool you. I know just how to take your cock in hand, and how to have you stroke so we get the most intense, powerful edges out of that cock. Oh, you wanted to cum? Too bad, this is all about being teased…and denied. Go ahead, beg, plead, whine, cry, it won’t matter. I still won’t let that begging, horny cock shoot its bogus load.

Watching Me Cocktease

Stroke for me, and while you stroke, I might even put on a show for you. Perhaps a strip tease down to my panties and bra you will NOT be seeing me naked! Watch me rub my body all over, I might even slip a hand down my panties, just to see how damp they’ve become. They will probably be soaked, because I DO get off on teasing men so much. You might even have me so worked up that I will do something you can’t do; CUM!

Give Cocktease Princess Kellie a call, I can make your fantasies cum true.