Pamper my feet.

Princesses Need Foot Worship & To Be Spoiled

That is the whole point to being a Princess, to be spoiled and pampered. It is one of the main reasons I enjoy cockteasing and chastity so much. When you are denied and desperate, all you think about is me! You know the only hope you have of ever emptying those balls is if your Princess is happy because then she just might take pity on you. Oh, I probably will not. I am just sayin’! One of the ways to make me happy is to start at my feet.

Naked And Kneeling

I just love having an obedient slave naked and kneeling at my feet, ready to pamper them. You can start by massaging them, running your hands all over them, working all the tired muscles in my arch, and rubbing each of my toes. Then you can start to kiss them, lick them, and suck those toes. You really are a foot slut, are you not?

A Sexy Pedicure

Well, now that you have slobbered all over them you need to clean them up and make them pretty! I have a massaging foot bath, so you fill it with water and then add some of my perfumed foot soak. After they have soaked for a while, you can dry them off, and then make sure they are smooth using my lotion. Grab that nail polish, I think red will look good. Be very careful as you are putting it on those toe nails, you do not want to smudge them or get that polish on the skin. You do not want Princess Kellie to punish you, now do you? Do a good job and I might just give you a very teasing foot job. No, you cannot cum! Do you want to mess up my sexy feet? LOL!

Give Cocktease Princess Kellie a call, I can make your fantasies cum true.